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German VHS tapesVideos

The only releases of the series on video prior to 2005's UK complete series DVD were released in Germany, using the German language prints under the Die Madchen aus dem Weltraum title. Hessischer Rundfunk released the entire series in 1999 on two tapes, sold separately, under the Late Lounge imprint - this was the cult strand which was then repeating Star Maidens on German television. Except for the title sequences and the odd piece of filmed location work the prints looked absolutely superb - in all likelihood better than they did on some of the 1970s UK showings (although this would of course be bettered by the 2005 remasters). The episodes were in the correct order although episodes 6 and 7 were transposed as per their original German running order. Tape 1 featured episodes 1-7 and Tape 2 contained 8-13.

Space Attack VHSThe release came a little ahead of the DVD boom - had it come out a year later it's likely a DVD set would naturally have been made available. As far as I know (not very far!) the pair of tapes have now been deleted. Soundtrack specialists All Score Media have plans to release the German series on DVD at some point (2006?) but need to find suitable distribution arrangements before they can do so.

The previous VHS release known to have been issued was again a German one. Released back in the mid 80s and aimed at the rental market, this was an issue of the TV Movie edit as one 'feature' presentation. Entitled Space Attack: Begegnung Zwischen den Sternen (Skirmish Among the Stars) it is of course very rare now. Perhaps its most interesting feature is the rather handsome new artwork cover, shown here.