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Yes, we've finally got photographic proof of an example of the ultra rare doll range! A new dolly page has been added.


A 3-page article on the series by myself will appear in Future Publishing's SFX magazine issue 137, published Wednesday 26 October. More info at the SFX Website.

So the site has finally achieved its main aim and helped get the series remastered and released on DVD so I've got to be happy with that. When Delta were casting around looking for series to bring out their MD spotted the name Star Maidens on Southern Star's catalogue and, intrigued, looked on the web. Seeing sites such as this and Catherine Bujold's is what made him want to release the series, reckoning it suggested some kind of cult interest. That's fan power, eh?

gareth with annualI'd like to thank Delta for their patience and efforts put into the release and putting up with my incessant suggestions (Yes, it is crucial we use the correct series' typeface!). Within time and budget constraints we couldn't manage everything I wanted: we tracked down Judy Geeson in LA but the trail went cold; Southern Star weren't so keen on a warts-and-all 4000-word background history I'd prepared - hopefully I can get get that into print elsewhere sometime soon; for rights reasons Delta weren't keen to run a merchandise gallery. Hopefully the facts booklet included and the Gareth interview featurette will be welcome plusses. Thanks are due to Diane Gies, who contacted us on Gareth's behalf when we went public with the confirmed release of the series. We'd written to Gareth at home and tried his agent but with no joy - he was away filming Distant Shores at the time so it was almost impossible to reach him. Gareth's work on Distant Shores almost scuppered our interview plans when a last minute reschedule on the series meant he could no longer make our arranged shoot for Monday 18th July but thankfully, thanks to the dedication of Charles at Delta, we managed to rearrange and shoot an interview at an Edinburgh hotel on Friday 15th. The photo here shows Gareth perusing my Star Maidens Annual - we shot a couple of intro/outro links with Gareth reading it (no, I don't mean like Jackanory!) but in the end they've not been used.

1st draft2nd draft3rd draft

Just for fun, I thought you might be interested to see some early sleeve designs. Pictured from left to right above are Delta's first draft, based loosely on the 1977 paperback cover logo. I felt it maybe wasn't 70s enough (?) and suggested the second cover you see there, based around the series 1970s press book and using the on screen font. Delta's response is shown right - this used two shots of the Nemesis ship and lacked Gareth and Pierre who were added in a later revision.

It's a bit odd to think that this site was intended to provide some background to an obscure and mysterious TV rarity that's now in the shops 27 years after last being on UK TV and I expect the site will date badly now - the DVD in the shops should tell you all you need to know so, well, my work here is done, I guess. So, please, enjoy the DVDs!


I don't want to say too much until Delta clear all the details with me but they have now supplied a release date of 17th or 24th October (2005) to the trade. The RRP for the double disc set is 19.99 and discounted prices have already begun to appear at the various online retailers - Delta also point out that you'll be able to buy from them direct at the Delta Website nearer the time. I can also confirm that the disc will include a bonus interview with Shem himself, Gareth Thomas, discussing the series in an interview we taped back in July - running time of that should be about half an hour by the time of the final edit.


More DVD details! The BBFC website has today announced that the series has been passed for release as a PG and reveals that Delta Music are the label set to release it. Now, I knew this very well but was asked to keep it quiet! What a professional I am. I've been helping Delta out for a while, hoping to get some info and extras on there for your delight. The remastered episodes are now safely in the UK and are looking good (certainly much better than I recall them being on Granada in the 70s!). Delta are hinting at an October release, with all 13 (x 25 minute) episodes available as a 2-disc set. Yes, it's taken a long time to get any kind of VHS or DVD release (with nothing in the 27 years since the show was last aired on UK TV!) but at last we're nearly there ... we can hardly wait!


Having spoken to Tim Beddows at DVD label Network, he confirmed that the project to release STAR MAIDENS on DVD indeed stalled and was cancelled back in January 2004. Agreements on a deal - not necessarily money-related! - could not be reached between Network and the rights' holders, so as far as Network is concerned the release is most definitely not happening.


Sorry not to have updated for a long time. The sad news of the DVD cancellation has spurred me to revisit some of the little gems of information people have been sending in from all over the world.

While we in the UK are denied the DVD (let's hope the situation changes in the future), January 2004 sees German TV viewers treated to yet another showing of the German language episodes via HR's Late Lounge slot. It was last shown there in 2002. Maybe the Germans will manage a DVD release sometime? If so can we PLEASE have an English language soundtrack option!!!

The Archives page has been updated with new theories and information gathered over the last year or so.

The Transmissions page has been updated with new info - not entirely confirmed but good enough - and some details of Worldwide transmissions.

If you have any news on Tv screenings or DVD releases in your part of the world do write in and let us know.