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German Character name: Shem
German Voice Artist: Hans Werner-Bussinger

SHEM is Adam’s friend - he goes along with the freedom fighter’s hot headed activism, sometimes somewhat reluctantly. Shem is something of a nagging wife to Adam, often trying to suggest his rebel chum try not to be quite so excitable. Shem is not in the series as much as Blake’s 7 fans would like and is barely the ‘freedom fighter’ of popular repute. In the main he is a confidante for Adam and does little but run around in what looks like a darts shirt. The only episode in which Shem/Gareth Thomas gets anything worthwhile to do is Hideout.

Welsh actor GARETH THOMAS is well-known to sci-fi fans as Roj Blake in the first two seasons (and two further episodes) of the BBC’s Blake’s 7 (1978-81). Between Star Maidens and Blake he was Professor Brake in the HTV supernatural children’s serial Children of the Stones. Another children’s SF serial he starred in was Knights of God in 1987. Probably his most celebrated role is as a struggling Welsh farmer in the 1984 serial Morgan’s Boy for which he received a BAFTA nomination. He wants to be remembered as 'a bloody good actor' and that he is. He now lives in Galashiels in the Scottish borders.

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