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Chief Security Controller OCTAVIA

German Character name: Ossrawa
German Voice Artist: Christiane Kruger

OCTAVIA is the central icon of the show; the hard-faced superbitch of the piece, thus its biggest male fantasy as the most obvious representation of the subdom subtext. Octavia is constantly and vocally dismissive of men, particularly the ideas and notions of the visiting Dr Rudi Schmidt. As Security Chief it is Octaviaís job to survey and control any menís uprising on Medusa and it is this that has made her so intractable on this matter - only by persuading this one woman of the validity of menís equality might the rules be relaxed on Medusa.

CHRISTIANE KRUGER is the daughter of the German actor Hardy Kruger (best known to English-speaking audiences from war movies like A Bridge Too Far and The Wild Geese). She was born 8th September 1945 in Hamburg. A modern woman, she shared an apartment in Germany with artist and photographer husband Manfred Bockelmann whom she married in 1974.

She has worked largely in German-speaking TV and film. Her few English language appearances included a 1985 TV mini-series of Anne of Green Gables and in the early 70s, a superbly sleazy film with arthouse pretensions, Blood Queen. This film (aka The Story of Evita and Little Mother) was loosely based/inspired by the life of Eva Peron. Kruger played Marina, a scheming tart who sleeps her way to the top to become a TV weathergirl and eventually the wife of a top European politician. As the real power behind her husband she becomes dangerously powerful and the subject of a government conspiracy to assassinate her. The film is certainly one for Krugerís male fans, as she spends most of the film either being gloriously cruel (she shoots a fifth columnist dead as an interrogation method), wearing 70s mini skirts or rather less (sometimes with the help of intercut body double scenes, sometimes not)! The film was available in the bad old days of uncertificated British video rental as Blood Queen and is now available on Region 1 DVD under the Little Mother title. For Kruger itís an obvious precursor to the Octavia Ďbitchí role.

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