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The only toys/games product to have been released to tie-in with the series which I have definite info and pictures for (so far) were jigsaws. These were produced by Whitman, stalwarts in this area throughout the 70s. Whitman always issued their TV jigsaws in sets of four and this set was no exception (big thanks to Mark Rogers for coming through with scans of the elusive last two of the set!).

One of the 224 piece puzzles featured a group shot of a quizzical Octavia, a seated President and a Medusa-garbed Liz. A terrible picture this, with everyone looking out of shot at something else! As if that wasn't bad enough the second jigsaw known to exist features an awful offcut of Clara bending down to speak to Liz, who is seen in profile and is thus barely recognisable. Also included in this scene are the backs of two Medusan functionaries! Indeed, the two shots chosen for these puzzles makes you think there must be another couple which used slightly better photographic material.
jigsaws-2The third proves this is unlikely. This features Liz and Octavia speaking to the president - again - and is about as exciting as the previous one. The last in the series at least features the fab main hall set by Keith Wilson and has lots of detaily bits that would make for a good jigsaw puzzle but like the others suffers from no-one looking at the camera as if the director has at that moment shouted "Cut - okay take five everyone". Particularly noteworthy is that the far too exciting sight of a security guard is obscured by Judy Geeson. Awful, awful, awful! Of course I just gotta have 'em all 'cos I'm bonkers.

The puzzle box also features the Nemesis on two of the edges and, oddly, the alien ship from The Enemy on the front.

I reckoned the price would probably be around the 60-70p mark when issued in 1976 - Mark Rogers suggests 72-75p. Like all other Star Maidens merchandise the puzzles are very rare but prices today may still be fairly reasonable if you can find any (around £5 perhaps, maybe up to £10).