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Supreme Councillor FULVIA

German Character name: Brisba
German Voice Artist: Ursula Herwig

FULVIA is a pampered member of Medusa’s Grand Council. While this council would seem to be an elected one, Fulvia’s family ties - publicity material suggests she is a niece of the President - hints at nepotism. Fulvia comes across as a rather petulant and spoiled little girl at times. She treats Shem like dirt but oddly is at the same time hopelessly devoted to her domestic - check out the end of the Proton Storm episode where she runs after Shem like a lost puppy! Fulvia’s character - like everything else in Star Maidens - is a trifle confused. Sometimes she is required to be efficient and scientifically brilliant - something of a cold Medusan bitch - while at other times she is girly and gushing.

JUDY GEESON was born 10th September 1948 into a middle class family in Arundel, Sussex (her father edited the National Coal Board’s magazine). Both she and her younger sister Sally (two years her junior) were sent to Corona Stage School and soon went into child modelling (with much work in the fashion pages of girls’ comics apparently!). When acting parts arrived, both sisters appeared in a BBC serial adaptation of What Katy Did and later in the film Here we Go Round the Mulberry Bush, except that on this occasion Sally’s part ended up on the cutting room floor. Sally later became famous as daughter to Sid James in the Thames sitcom Bless This House.

Judy’s stunning looks meant that she was glamorous decoration to many a 60s secret agent as a doe-eyed innocent variant on the archetypal swinging dolly bird, with guest slots in such ITC series as Danger Man (The Outcast - 1964) and Man in a Suitcase (Sweet Sue - 1966). Geeson became a known name however through the BBC soap The Newcomers in 1965 as Maria, the teenage member of the central Cooper family.

The fame garnered via The Newcomers led to appearances in some swinging 60s movies of varying quality: as Pamela in the acclaimed To Sir With Love (1967) and with roles in less well acclaimed prurient fluff such as Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush (1968) and Prudence and the Pill (1968).

As British cinema moved on from swinging sex comedies to further its fascination with cheap but grisly horror, Geeson was forced to carve out a career as something of a scream queen with parts in Twinsanity (1970), the biopic of serial killer John Christie 10 Rillington Place (1971), a big screen version of Doomwatch (1972) and the far-fetched but fun Hammer psychodrama Fear in the Night (1972). Mind you, all this was nothing compared to the horror that was supposed comedy Percy’s Progress (1974), the sequel adventures of a man with a penis transplant and possibly the worst British film of all time. Geeson was unfortunate that her career boomed just as the quality of British cinema nosedived.

It was left to TV to provide a happier hunting ground and better parts - her role as Lucy Honeychurch in the BBC’s adaptation of A Room With a View (15/4/73) earned her the front cover of Radio Times. It was however almost certainly her guest role as Regina Kesslann in Space:1999 (in perhaps the series’ best episode Another Time, Another Place) that landed her the role of Fulvia in Star Maidens.

TV provided more roles in the late 70s, among them Poldark and Danger: UXB while cinema offered Geeson only more drek in the shape of Adventures of a Taxi Driver (1976) and the risible Carry On England (1976).

Geeson departed for America in the early 80s and went on to carve out a niche in TV guest slots and TV movies, with appearances in everything from Macgyver and Murder, She Wrote to The A-Team and Star Trek: Voyager.

She is most definitely the only member of the Star Maidens cast to be immortalised in the icons gallery on the inner sleeve of Saint Etienne’s Foxbase Alpha LP.

For a full CV, see her entry on the Internet Movie DataBase