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Medusan Lower Functionary Staff Anna Carteret

As a vision of a futuristic society, the series gets it right on one occasion by predicting the rise in popularity of acrylic leisurewear. These shapeless acrylic outfits come in two colour schemes. One is white with yellow collar and bands across the chest and waist. The second is peach with rust bands. The idea is rather stymied by the idea of a lower class of women workers - surely the men should perform the tasks these women do? Society is so tricky - ask Marx. Do notice that one of the lower functionaries is the newscaster, played by Anna Carteret (in the main picture above). Carteret was a leading light in feminist theatre in the 70s so goodness knows what she was doing here. She would later play the second (inferior) Juliet Bravo for the BBC.

All Star Maidens costumes designed by Keith Wilson and Dulcie Midwinter