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EvansEvans visits Medusa

Played by DEREK FARR

German Character name: Evans
German Voice Artist: J Nottke

EVANS is the head of the Institute of Radio Astronomy in England, heading up the department hoping to one day make extra-terrestrial contact. His dreams come true when the Medusans arrive - but he soon finds himself having to look after the stroppy Fulvia and equally stroppy Adam. Professor Evans makes only one visit to Medusa - he is summoned by Octavia to try and cure the dying President in The End of Time.

On a Medusan monitorDEREK FARR was born in London on 7th February 1912. Farr's career is definitively that of the 'character actor' - never the star but he'll appear in everything for an episode or two. He was busy when the British film industry still flourished in the 40s and 50s - appearances include Q Planes (1939), The Dam Busters (1954) and Doctor at Large (1957) among dozens of British B-pictures. Come the 60s, TV was the place for the jobbing actor and Farr played one-off roles in The Saint (The Talented Husband), The Avengers (Sir Lyle Peterson in Man-Eater of Surrey Green and later the Nazi monk Trasker in The New Avengers The Eagle's Nest), Adam Adamant Lives! (Conspiracy of Death), Hunter's Walk, Ensor in the Blake's 7 Season One closer Orac and Bergerac. Perhaps his most satisfying lead role was as retiring schoolmaster Bill Nightingale in the 1975 Granada series Nightingale's Boys.

His last work was in the 1984 TV series Winter Sunlight. Farr died aged 74 in 1986.

For a full CV, see his entry on the Internet Movie DataBase