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German Title: Gefährlicher Regen (Dangerous Rain)
Script: Ian Stuart Black
Director: Freddie Francis

Plot: Once more assigned to a workgroup on the planet's rocky surface in harsh, wet conditions Rudi carries out research on a sample of rainwater, to discover that it is poisonous. The persistent rainfull is eroding the planet surface, placing the underground Medusan city in great danger. Rudi tries to persuade the President that the eroding rain is caused by the city’s support System 4 and that their only hope for the city is to shut it down and reinstate the previous Systems 2 and 3 but she refuses to listen to the man's theories.

Where? Medusa, although a lot of this takes place in a wet quarry rather than in the city.
Who? Rudi, Liz, the President, Octavia
Kinky? Not any more than usual. Look out for the swoonsome Grand Council members in evening wear though. Ding dong!

Notes: The only intelligent episode of the run, prescient but oddly out of place.

Rudi on the planet surface
The overseeing robot keep the workers in their place
Octavia consults the computer