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German Title: Ein ideales Paar (An Ideal Pair)
Script: Ian Stuart Black
Director: Hans Heinrich

Plot: Now becoming used to their exile on Earth and some of its strange customs, Fulvia and Adam decide to set up home together. With the help of Professor Evans they find a quiet semi on a modern suburban housing estate. Each day Adam kisses his 'wife' goodbye and waves her off as she drives to work at the institute. But their idyllic lifestle does not last long - Fulvia is furious when she finds househusband Adam is hosting coffee mornings attended each day by a gaggle of attractive young housewives. In her turn Fulvia goes to to the pub with the boys to tell dirty jokes and this time it is Adam's turn to drag her away.

More of an immediate problem are two women's libbers who have tried to attract Fulvia's support for their cause. They have used this opportunity to steal Fulvia's paragun, and appear at Fulvia's house armed with the stolen weapon. Unable to control it they are soon zapping the neighbourhood.

Where? Earth. A Barratt Housing Estate. About lunchtime.
Who? Fulvia and Adam are the ideal pair. Or is that just Judy Geeson?
Kinky? Mrs Feminist definitely has eyes for Fulvia, plus there's definitely something going between her and her younger female assistant. The sight of the two struggling to control the powerful Medusan weapon possibly has double meaning - I may well be reading too much into it! And Adam's coffee morning looks as if it could descend into Scandinavian stag film territory at any second.

The series was supposedly about the reverse of gender roles. This episode is the only one that actually grasps that central concept and throttles it to to death with a series of comic set pieces. It even manages some dubious, euphemistic political incorrectness with the introduction of two thinly-veiled lesbian feminists (named as Rita Garcia and Freda Heather in Ian Evans' novel). A high or low point of the series depending on your point of view. Played totally for laughs - there are none of the fudged dramatic/comic conflicts that spoil other episodes - this is the central episode of the series and its funniest to (platform) boot. If only the other episodes could be this good.

German protestsWith makers Portman having the international market firmly in mind, some close ups of the feminists' placards display French and German langauge messages (even if the long shots clearly display them all to be in English).

Rita wants men well hung
Heeeey laydeez
I think the guy should put up and shut up
The weapon vibrates out of control