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German Title: Die Sympathiemaschine (The Sympathy Machine)
Script: Ian Stuart Black
Director: Freddie Francis

Plot: On Medusa, Liz must keep up the pretence of treating Rudi as her subservient domestic. As the two hatch plans to escape, they are unaware that Octavia is monitoring Liz's quarters. She plans to expose Liz and her plans by appointing Ercule, a musclebound hulk, as her new domestic. When Liz spurns the sexual advances of Ercule she protests that it is because she cannot find Medusan men attractive. Octavia makes her undergo a computer test (also known as the Sexometer) to ascertain if this is true. Bombarded with images of Ercule posing about half naked, rippling his muscles, she concentrates hard and is able to force the machine's monitor to display all sorts of animals and creatures in his place - an ape, a crab and a snake - until the machine overheats and explodes.

Where? Firmly Medusa
Who? Liz/Octavia
Kinky? Well what do you think? The sight of Ercule rippling his biceps is pure porn camp. The explosion of the sexometer (oo-er missus) is no doubt euphemistic.

Notes: The centrepiece of the episode has to be the sexometer scene. Its destruction provides Dawn Addams' best moment in the series, with the agog expression and the line "You've broken it!" a camp highlight. There’s little more to the episode than that, a sign of the weakness of the half hour episodic series format for drama productions.

That sexometer mention in TV Times ought to bring in viewers
Ercule ripples his pecs...
...but Liz makes a monkey of him
A big bang, yesterday