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German Title: Das Gericht (The Court)
Script: Ian Stuart Black
Director: Wolfgang Storch

Plot: Rudi has been forced into menial labour on the planet surface but here he meets Troy, who has a plan to escape to earth. When the plan fails, Rudi is placed under the supervision of Liz as her inferior domestic to await trial by the computer judges of Medusa. Liz tries to make the Councillors and the President see reason.

Where? Gloriously, at last this is the first full Medusa episode. One suspects five weeks - and a good few viewers - too late.
Who? Liz really, also introduces us to the President for the first time. Octavia and Rudi are also prominent.
Kinky? Well there are plenty of guards around in this episode certainly.

Notes: Just revel in the Medusan visuals - there’s little going on here otherwise. This episode and the next - Test For Love - were transposed in the German running order.

Back on the chain gang
This week the spotlight's on Rudi
Octavia is unmoved