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German Title: Die Entführung
Script: John Lucarotti
Director: Freddie Francis

Plot: While staying at a luxurious hotel, Fulvia is approached by smooth talking Gregori. He plies her with champagne and shows her a dance step or two but really the charmer is working for a foreign power, whose government want to know the secrets of Medusa and its technology. When Fulvia falls under the influence of the champagne she is kidnapped and taken to the agents' lair. Strapped to a chair and subjected to a brain draining computer device, her former domestic Adam must try to rescue her.

Where? A posh hotel in Earth's Home Counties
Who? Definitely a Geeson episode
Kinky? Geeson writhing around strapped to that chair. She also does a rather cute drunk act.

Notes: At last some of the campy fun for which the series is fondly remembered. Terence Bergerac Alexander is great here as one of the few British comedy actors utilised well in the series. The Germans seem to love the 'champagner' thing unduly, dunno why!

Gregori, Fulvia and that Avengers audition in full
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