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German Title: Protonen-Sturm
Script: John Lucarotti
Director: Wolfgang Storch

Plot: With Adam and Shem captured, Fulvia and Octavia, with Liz and Rudi still on board their ship, arrange to pick up the Medusan men. En route however a storm breaks, damaging the drive system of Nemesis. Octavia is forced to take the ship into orbit to affect repairs. Unable to arrange a swap, Octavia takes the ship back to Medusa with Rudi and Liz now hostages. The earth people are separated on Medusa: Rudi to the men's menial quarters and Liz to a life of luxury. With a proton storm affecting communication the Maidens try to arrange the swap of the hostages. Although the storm makes it dangerous to travel to Earth, Fulvia - desperate to see Adam - attempts to take the Nemesis back to Earth.

Where? En route to Medusa, so mostly set on board the bridge of the Nemesis
Who? Fulvia, Octavia and their co-pilot space lady, er, Andrea with everyone else appearing largely on monitor screens
Kinky? The self-moving Medusan chess pieces look a little like they might have variable speed settings but that’s maybe stretching things.

Notes: More stilted exposition as the episode sets up the format for the ‘other half’ of the show. But, hey, we finally get to see Medusa again. I cannot imagine John Lucarotti, writer of literate Doctor Who classics like Marco Polo, The Aztecs and The Massacre, sitting down to type this one up!

stunning space action!
Who needs Star Wars?
...and shake about from side to side
Liz chills out in her new home