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German Title: Die Alptraum-Kanone
Script: Eric Paice
Director: Wolfgang Storch

Plot: Octavia takes Liz and Rudi hostage until Adam and Shem can be apprehended by the police. Rudi is accidentally blinded while investigating the Nemesis and it is up to the on board medical droid to save his sight. Meanwhile Adam and Shem are holed up in a local castle. While the authorities attempt to persuade the men to give themselves up, Octavia and Fulvia try a little less subtle persuasion of their own by activating the Nightmare Cannon. Adam and Shem imagine that Fulvia and Octavia are suddenly everywhere, the women's faces hectoring them from the castle's paintings and even suits of armour. Shem snaps and runs into the custody of the police, leaving Adam no alternative but to give himself up also.

Where? ill-advisedly another earth-based location episode
Who? Adam, Shem and the rest as in 1 and 2
Kinky? Certainly the clearest indication of the series sub/dom subplot - Octavia and Fulvia are the Medusan menís greatest fear. Oooooh, tie me up, tie me down!

Notes: Although the runaround chase thread is still going (nowhere) we thankfully have a little more inventive fun here. Fulvia and Octavia appearing in the paintings is almost creepy and when their faces appear in the suits of armour it is - given the benefit of the doubt - played well for laughs. Thereís a cameo for fading comedy legend Alfie Bass but itís a fairly pointless one - he gets frozen by a paragun blast and is picked up under Shem's arm and carried off. What larks!