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German Title: Medora Ruft Erde (Medusa Calling Earth)
Script: Eric Paice
Director: Wolfgang Storch

Plot: Adam and Shem are on the run from the police, the scientists and the Medusans, who have now landed on earth in the pursuit ship Nemesis. Wary of any women they meet, including a young stable lass and her mother, the pair must use various tricks to keep ahead of their pursuers including leaping high walls and driving a stolen car by remote control.

Where? Earth, in what looks like the New Forest
Who? All of the Main cast with the exception of the President
Kinky? The man detector idea probably comes into this category even if it this piece of Medusan technology (rendered cheaply via some slipshod modelbuilding) isn't foolproof. On detecting males nearby, Octavia is informed by the police chief that her device is faulty - "You've probably picked up a buck rabbit".

Notes: A silly runaround. The leaping of high walls by Adam and Shem, Bionic-style, is particularly daft and similar powers are never described or really explained in later episodes. I mean, one presumes the Medusan women could similarly bound about or do they just have more dignity?

The scientists discover the lads' bubble
The lads guage just how high that wall is
Bloody backseat drivers
ein manzucher (as they say in Germany)