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German Title: Begegnung Zwischen den Sternen (Skirmish Among the Stars)
Script: Otto Strang
Director: Freddie Francis

Plot: With the hostage swap about to happen, Rudi accidentally discovers a transmission which Octavia recognises as coming from an alien ship within range of Medusa. An old enemy once again threatens Medusa...

Where? Another in-betweener episode with the 'action' largely taking place on the bridge set(s) of the search ships.
Who? All of the main cast appear in this final episode
Kinky? Not really much of the light humour of the other episodes, so no.

Notes: Adam shows his prowess at the controls of his ship and his crazy, macho antics somehow win the respect of Octavia - the series ends on that reconciliatory note. One assumes that once word got round Medusa about the wacky heroics of Adam the women all swooned and came round to thinking how men were okay really and the matriarchy was disposed with overnight? Would you Adam and Eve it? No, probably not. Actually, the series really ends with a cheesey smile-a-thon which has each member of the main cast grinning inanely to camera. You’ll laugh your socks off!

So could the series have managed another season, with the men and women of Medusa united to fight off digitally-challenged space aliens? Nah, probably not.
Cool three-fingered space alien man
ZZZZAP! Dynamic (ahem) special effects
Well that's all alright then.