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German Title: Die Einsamen Roboter (The Lonely Robots)
Script: Ian Stuart Black
Director: James Gatward
Plot: A young Medusan functionary, lost in the abandoned lower levels of the city, is later found in a catatonic trance. As Octavia, Liz and Rudi investigate the old archives section, Liz finds herself trapped in a small room. As Liz and Octavia attempt to open the door which is now stuck fast, Liz hears voices. Is someone in the room with her? In fact the room holds a forgotten experiment into installing emotions into robots - the robots have been left here, forgotten and unloved. They only need Liz to love them...

Where? The dusty and forgotten lower levels of Medusa
Who? A central role for Lisa Harrow
Kinky? Robot love? Hmm, pretty weird.

Notes: This surely has to be an episode rejected from Year One Space:1999 doesn’t it? An oddly genuinely dramatic, dark episode, even if the ‘robots with emotions’ theme was well worn by 1976, nine years after 2001: A Space Oddyssey. Great performance from Lisa Harrow, driven to madness by the robots’ insistent whisperings. Again the episode only fails as there is not enough time to build the tension as much as it might in a one hour slot and the whole thing seems a little conveniently and hurriedly resolved. If the series was oddly schizophrenic in hopping between the extremes of gender-driven comedy and dramatic sci-fi then this and The Perfect Couple must be its best episodes at either end of that spectrum.

After 11 episodes of this series you too might feel like this
Liz is trapped... but is she alone?
Computers were BIG in the 70s
Not an angle poise monitor in sight