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German Title: Das Versteck (The Hiding Place)
Script: Otto Strang
Director: Freddie Francis

Plot: Adam and Shem are once more on the run. A message warning the public to look out for these men is broadcast on TV. With the public now alerted, the men are soon set upon and get split up from each other. Shem finds himself befriended by a lonely woman called Rose of whom he grows fond. Their relationship is abruptly ended when Shem has to dive into a raging weir to save Rose after her rowing boat capsizes. Exposed to the police, Shem is recaptured but the adventure has taught him something of equality.

Where? A small commuter town in the Maidenhead area it looks like
Who? Shem's episode undoubtedly - one for the Blake fans!
Kinky? More of a love story really.

Notes: Not a bad episode, Gareth Thomas acting without effort and showing up all around him. The dependence on scrappy Earth location filming highlights the fact that when it was on Medusa the series looked great and glossy but when it was on Earth it was two guys in bad 70s leisurewear running around shopping centres in search of a script. And they do that leaping over high walls thing again.

A rare network TV showing for the boys
Shem and Rose
Two to bring up