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German Title: Der Schlafende Planet (The Sleeping Planet)
Script: Eric Paice
Director: Wolfgang Storch

Plot: Octavia brings Professor Evans to Medusa but when they arrive they find the city streets dim and deserted. The men are asleep in their bunks like zombies and the women are nowhere to be seen. Only a few tend the body of President Clara in the Palace, who lies seemingly dead in State. It is the End of the Time. Theda claims that Clara's death is the result of an assassination plot. Soon a group of insurrectionary women roam the streets of Medusa, attempting to overthrow the present Council while Evans and the medical droid try to revive the President. Evans discovers that in fact Clara has merely caught a cold from Liz - in the Medusan's hermetically sealed city there is no resistance to such germs.

Where? A quiet Medusa with the lights off
Who? Octavia, Liz and Rudi with Evans making his only trip to the studios and Medusa
Kinky? Unless you have a thing for that medical droid, no.

Notes: An interesting creepy feel at times, rare for the series, but a very much overused denouement rather undermines the interesting notions that the planet ‘dies’ with its President.

the city is deserted
Clara lies in state
Evans tries to help as scary robot looks on