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German Title: Flucht ins Paradies (Flight to Paradise)
Script: Eric Paice
Director: James Gatward

Plot: Two men from Medusa, Adam (domestic to Concillor Fulvia) and Shem, steal a space yacht and escape from their planet aiming for Earth, which Adam has heard is ruled by men. They are pursued by Fulvia and Security Chief Octavia as well as three scientists from an English space research centre who have tracked their landing.

Where? Since the series shifts unevenly and almost totally between earth and Medusa in successive episodes it seems helpful to point out which are which. This episode begins on Medusa before the men escape to Earth
Who? The regular cast are in fact fairly irregular - characters are often absent for entire episodes. This guide highlights whoever features most prominently in each episode. Most of the main cast are introduced in this first episode, though the Medusan President is not seen.
Kinky? Fulvia reclining under her oestrogen lamp asking Adam if she looks younger than yesterday.

Notes: Pure exposition really and pretty unentertaining all in - a dull start to the series. Indication is given of the wildly varying qualities of the series - the Medusan Nemesis ship is an inventive design and the space scenes surprisingly well realised but when it lands on earth it looks like a two foot model wobbling around in the breeze.

The Nemesis leaves Medusa
A tense Adam
At the institute
Liz and Rudi