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Clara looking imperious


German Character name: Ela
German Voice Artist: D Altrichter

CLARA is the President of the Grand Council of Medusa. Whether this sequinned queen is actually a monarch is anyone's guess - certainly her niece Fulvia is a Supreme Councillor. More startling is the apparent empathic link the President appears to have with her subjects - in the episode The End of Time Clara appears to be dying and goes into some kind of trance. The city of Medusa is shrouded in darkness and the menfolk go into a similiar catatonic state. Clara is very much the archetypal matriarch figure, dispensing sage wisdom to her council members. Dawn Addams' best moment in the series however is the camp exclamation 'You've broken it!' that greets the destruction of the sexometer in Test For Love.

You've broken it!DAWN ADDAMS was born in 1931. A burgeoning TV and film career as an 'English Rose' type was put on hold a little by her marriage into the Italian royal family - she married Prince Don Vittorio Massimo and had one son, Prince Stefano Massimo, born in 1955. With her Italian connections, parts did follow however in various movies, mostly European in origin, throughout the late 50s. In the 60s Addams became a familiar face on British TV screens with a succession of appearances as sophisticated but sexy older women countenanced by the secret agents of the day: guest roles included The Third Man, The Saint (three times), Danger Man (twice), Department 'S' and The Adventurer.

Her later career included some movies of interest to genre fans, such as Hammer's Vampire Lovers (1970) and Amicus portmanteau The Vault of Horror (1973). Of most interest to Maidens fans has to be her role as the titular lead of Tigon's Zeta One (1969 - aka The Love Factor and Alien Women). Addams played Zeta, leader of a group of beautiful and very scantily clad women from outer space in a ludicrous sex comedy that was part sci-fi, part Bond spoof, based on a comic strip in the soft porn magazine Zeta. Sounds great doesn't it? Scream queens Valerie Leon and Yutte Syensgaard also featured as did, perhaps less appealingly, Charles Carry On Hawtrey and James Robertson Justice. One of the oddest films ever made, it's currently available on DVD!

Sadly, Addams died aged just 54 on 7th May 1985. For a full CV, see her entry on the Internet Movie DataBase