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About this site

This site is a non-profit-making fan site dedicated to raising the profile of the TV series STAR MAIDENS. The site is in no way affiliated to, approved or authorised by Primetime, Southern Star, Delta Music plc or any other English or German copyright holders including Hessicher Rundfunk. All written and illustrative graphic material should be considered the property of Alistair McGown and not reproduced without prior permission. And if you 'borrow' logos and suchlike it really amuses me - I know you're doing it! Off-screen images are of course copyright Primetime/Southern Star but again I would appreciate that my grabs are not taken without asking. It's just manners innit?

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With thanks to, variously, Ros Connors, Paul Moore, Mark Rogers, Lycia Collins, Dietmar Bosch, Catherine Bujold, Gio Pemberton, Hector P. Feria and Stefan Bogers for help and correspondence.


Should you have any additional info or comments on the series please email me. Especially if you worked on the series! I will try to answer any interesting queries but please be patient waiting for a reply. I would love to see pictures of the British dolls or any German issue merchandise that might exist. If you have pics or info, drop me a line. Email is starmaidens@animus-web.demon.co.uk

I am also looking for copies of off-air recordings of Star Maidens from its UK tranmissions with original ad break bumpers, should any exist, and am particularly interested in any regional ITV continuity captions you may have. Unlikely I know but I thought I'd mention it