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German DVD coverIMPORTANT NEWS UPDATE 4/9/08: DIE MADCHEN AUS DEM WELTRAUM - DIE GESAMTE DEUTSCHE 13-TEILIGE SERIE AUF 2 DVDs At last, almost a decade after the HR VHS releases, the German language dub of Star Maidens is now available to buy on a double disc DVD set from Pixis/HRMedia/Universum Film. The DVD was released on 18 August and is coded for Region 9 (all regions). The set looks very nice in its embossed foil cover and the onscreen graphics are very pretty. The extras comprise a merchandise gallery by yours truly (this is what should have been on the UK release before Primetime oddly took cold feet), my fashion guide from this site (translated into German) and a brief text and clips guide to the Nemesis spacecraft newly written by myself. The 'Late Lounge interview' is a brief 3 minute clip of a chat with the soundtrack CD producer Stefan Rambo from the material that bookended the 1999 Late Lounge German Tv repeats. This DVD set should go down very well with Euro fans of the series and all Star Maidens completists. For more details see the Pixis webpage

NEWS UPDATE 26/6/08 Is it really my first real update in three years?! I guess it must be (and I really have wanted to update bits and bobs here and there since the UK DVD came out but I have been unbelievably busy in recent years, particularly with the Look-in site and the Carlton books). Anyway, the reason for this update is to let you know that a double DVD release of the GERMAN LANGUAGE SERIES in its full episodic format is imminent. The DVD is due this Autumn in Germany from Pixis DVD & HR. The 2 discs will hopefully include interview material from the now legendary 1999 Late Lounge TV repeat showings in Germany (fingers crossed that happens - could be terrific!) as well as some fun gallery featurette items including, we hope, a very full merchandise gallery by yours truly (including several items I never got around to updating at this site). Pixis are translating my submitted English text into German as I type this. More news when we get it.

DVD coverNEWS UPDATE 20/10/05 - Well, it's finally here. We did it! The entire series of 13 episodes is finally released in the UK on MONDAY 24th OCTOBER. The release is a REGION 0 PAL issue on 2 discs. If you've bought it and come here as a result, then 'Hi'. If you're here for more info and thinking about buying it then do so now! The DVD is available from Delta Music, all good online stores and some high street stores too. RRP is 19.99.

Out 24.10.05Initial copies contain a 16-page info booklet (a lot of the info I've put in there far supersedes the material on offer here at the site, which was mostly written 4 years ago - for instance the transmisson info given in the booklet is now more or less complete). The second disc includes a brand new interview with Gareth Thomas shot in July, conducted by myself and directed by Len Davies. For more info on the release see the updates page.


The mid-1970s...you were patiently waiting for Space:1999 to return for its second year when a beguiling sci-fi series shuffled onto your screens, regional ITV scheduling permitting, for a brief thirteen weeks and then sloped off apologetically to disappear forever. Maybe you're here because you just vaguely believe you may have dreamt about a planet ruled by women dressed in platform boots (and perhaps you did - that's your own business), or maybe because you're a 'fan' infuriated by the lack of hard and fast info around on this series. Maybe you're just hoping to find pictures of Judy Geeson dressed as a space lady. Whatever brings you here - you're in luck. This site intends to bring you everything you ever wanted to know about Star Maidens but were afraid to ask.

There's not really an organised fan cult around Star Maidens, just me and a few other nutters as far as I'm aware. But maybe there's this occasional nagging thought at the back of your mind... 'That was brilliant wasn't it? It must have been? Wasn't it a bit... well, pervy?'. Sadly, if mentioned at all in sci-fi circles it's either as 'the one Gareth Thomas did before Blake's 7' or more generally as a byword for 'total crap' (cf 'Did you see that episode of Voyager? God, it was sooo Star Maidens!'). I can't really defend Star Maidens and don't intend to sell it to you as a much-loved cult classic without peer. It's certainly not the worst sci-fi series ever made but by no stretch of the imagination is it the best. What was it then...? Ludicrous, ambitious, confused, infuriating, cack-handed, staggering, limited, inventive, cheap, hilarious, camp, sexy, lurid fun. Some of the time.

What Star Maidens is then, in short, is perhaps the most fascinating sci-fi series of all time. A bungled British-German co-production of a sci-fi comedy - two mutually exclusive concepts for the price of one and surely doomed to failure. It has proved an enigmatic series too - very little has been written about it and it has not been shown on TV in the UK since its original 1976/7 broadcasts. Indeed there are maybe one or two parts of the UK where the show has still never been screened. And quite possibly never will be.

So, for enthusiasts, the curious and of course the just plain pervy this is
Star Maidens.

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