Published 2000
BP Team:
Simon Thomas, Konnie Huq and Matt Baker are the named team on the 'Hello There!' page, but Katy Hill is still evident in many of the features.
Cover: A nice mid-shot of Matt, Simon and Konnie, and the return of a different shot on the back cover - the presenters with George the tortoise, and cats Kari and Oke. Now I like this cover and I'll tell you why - for the first time it's the presenters outfits that bring the blue colour cheme to the cover artwork. Simple but effective. And Konnie Huq's nice, which helps. Also note the similiarity between the logo used here and on the cover to Book 3 almost 35 years earlier!

Features: G'Day Australia! The team's 1999 Summer Expedition including a shot of Katy with Harold from Neighbours - they could have saved a few quid and waited for the panto season back in Britain... At last: the time capsule is dug up and its sodden contents are revealed to the world (once dried out, they went on tour as part of a BBC exhibition)... A near text-free two page feature on boy band Westlife dropping in to meet the team.. Bye bye Katy - a look at some of Ms Hill's own highlights of her time on the show... Matt visits St Petersburg... The gang recreate a Victorian Christmas at Longleat.. Mabel, Lucy and Matt visit Crufts... Simon joins some sighted and partially sighted teenagers climbing Mount Kilimanjaro... Katy goes trucking... Konnie and Matt on the Isle of Man... BP fans making the makes!... Matt's kiddie pics including a stunning prize-winning nursery school soldier costume constructed from two chocolate boxes and some Kit-Kat wrappers. It's grim up north... Winning entries in a competition to design Simon a London Marathon T-Shirt, and the run itself... The team prove they can hoof it up with the best Mark Curry could offer in a variety of costumes... Katy goes skiing in Austria... Blue Peter astronomer Anton Vamplew's guide to the stars... and a guide to some places your BP badge can get you in for free.

Makes: Cushions from Cardigans that "would turn Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen green with envy" and garden chimes created with plant pots. Also, an ingenious method of drawing the BP ship with some cups and a bottle opener.
Historical Figure's Life Story in Pictures: The story of Greyfriars Bobby in photographic form, starring Mabel in a piece of interesting casting as the famous male Skye Terrier, co-starring Matt and Simon in comedy beards and sideburns.

Notes: World Egmont continue to produce. Book has shrunk slightly in height but is still slightly taller than the original run. Essential feature on the digging up of the time capsule makes up for the slightly ill-fitting pop filler. The team buried a new (waterproof?) time capsule to be dug up in 2029. Maybe there'll be a BP book to tell you what happened to it. Nowadays the BP website continues to expand, with daily diaries of what goes on in the studio on a daily basis, so who can tell just how Blue Peter will be marketed into the next decade?