Published 1983
BP Team:
Saz, Si 'n' Pete while Janet Ellis 'jumps in' from Jigsaw on a trampoline (her introduction contains the classic mistake for all Whomenks: "she was in Dr Who playing Princess Theeka in The Bulls of Nimon". Bwa-hahahahaha!).
Cover: The team dress up in matching primary colour sweatshirts. Sarah starts to look all grown up and 80s. Shame really. The pets are on the back, the cats looking less than impressed with all these balloons and frivolity.

Features: The opening feature is a nostalgic look back to mark the show's Silver Jubilee and includes a cool photo of the Daleks (from Power of the Daleks, Who menks) in the BP studio when Purves joined in '67... Sarah goes behind the scenes with the Royal Ballet... The Treasure Hunt appeal collects loads of stuff to help fund kidney dialysis for children... The team meet the monsters from Henson's Dark Crystal movie and little monster in the making, Drew Barrymore fresh from ET... Guide dog Prince, trained by Peter Duncan, meets his new owner... William Timyn creates a sculpture of London Zoo's departed Guy the Gorilla (it was Timyn who created the sculpture of Petra for Blue Peter)... Sarah goes hot air ballooning... Simon spends a day with Sefton, one of the equine survivors of an IRA attack on the Horseguards Parade (is this the only book ot mention the IRA I wonder?)... The team visit Canada (and who can blame them?) for their annual expedition. There they visit an aerodrome where they can fly on jets of air as well as the expected logging and suchlike... Sarah dresses up as Queen Elizabeth I, walks through a very narrow door prop in a very wide dress and, er, no we haven't seen those VT outtake tapes!... Stinky Simon visits the London sewers... Musical Youth win what looks like a giant pound coin for 'Outstanding Endeavour'. No mention of what their No1 hit Pass the Dutchie is allegedly about and "their success is no flash in the pan either". Er, does this mean they had to give it back when they turned out to be pop flops???... Sarah makes a lot of old men very happy when she drops in to see the Chelsea Pensioners

Makes: How to make yourself into an upside down chin head in this horrific photo feature
Woolly clown wigs!
Wobbley Bobblies! Yes, make your own football mascot thingies
Kenneth Williams drops in to peruse some rather snazzy makes of Arthur, Mavis and Evil Edna from popular cartoon series Willo the Wisp (now that would be a cool clip to see!)

Historical Figure's Life Story in Pictures: Eos, faithful greyhound of Prince Albert.
Stories: None.
Rubbish Mystery Story: The Case of The Bullet Train Mystery. Some bally fool lets slip that he doesn't know anything of Japanese customs and, ho-ho, it's in the clinker for you. Only in these stories are criminals so stupid and ill-rehearsed.

Notes: The 20th Book isn't the 20th at all, but Book Twenty. From now on the title is always reversed in this way. There's another slight change of graphics too that will last another few years, up to and including 23. As tends to happen every five anniversary years this book wallows in agreeable nostalgia, including all of the previous Book covers reproduced over the endpapers (very handy if you don't have the earliest books and have to put a website together let me tell yer). Again, harder to find than is really reasonable, but two or three quid at most should get you a copy. Most noteworthy of all, uniquely this book was the only one to be issued in both hardback and cheaper paperback editions, with the paperback edition rather harder to turn up! They just don't last you see...