Published 1972
BP Team:
Val Singleton, John Noakes, Peter Purves, Lesley Judd
Cover: Classic shot of Noakes and newcomer Shep makes this a sought after iconic keepsake. Can't help but wonder what Val, Pete and Lesley (in her first Book) made of it though...

Features: Burying the Blue Peter time capsule for the year 2000; "I'll bet there'll be a Blue Peter in the year 2000," said Val. And she was right, you know! The team returned to the programme on 4th January 2000 to fulfil their promise (the item was broadcast 7th January). Here's what's in the capsule: Blue Peter Book 7; a set of eight Blue Peter mini books (cool!); photo of Val, John, Peter and pets Petra, Jason and (the late) Patch; a copy of Radio Times for that week; piece of film of John's air race from Isle of Man to Blackpool; a spool of tape with BP theme tune, the team saying 'Hello', Petra barking, Jason miaowing!; a new set of 1971 decimal coins. No missing Doctor Who episodes then? The contents were utterly waterlogged and almost completely destroyed by their time in the box. Oops! ... Saying hello to Shep... John visits Mount Etna... Expedition to Iceland... Pete works the night shift on the London Underground... Appeal collects old socks and pillowcases to provide shelters for schoolboys in Nairobi... Val learns to fly a light aircraft... Simply fabulous photos of Val doing a Bronte on the Yorkshire moors... The team dress up as 'water gypsies' and travel the Grand Union Canal... The introductory photos pages are notable for tiny pics of Lesley Judd's first BP appearance ("she taught us all a Go-Go dancing routine") and of Ringo Starr's trip to the studio ("he brought his stainless steel Rolls Royce table").

Makes: Obligatory Christmas decoration - here a tree made out of paper.
A door stop - "Most doorstops are expensive, but mine's an old brick in disguise, and it'll keep the heaviest door ajar."

Historical Figure's Life Story in Pictures:
Admiral Nelson. Also, the story of 'The Frost Fair' on the frozen Thames in 1683. See Mark Gatiss' Doctor Who novel The Roundheads for more detail!
Stories: Bleep and Booster and Paddington and another cartoon picture story featuring Bengo.
Rubbish Mystery Story: The Case of the Golden Buddha - hi jinks in the National Museum

Notes: Not much here for Judd fans, despite her name appearing on the front page. The four-person team would continue in the next year's book. Not too hard to find, Book 9 should be yours for a few pounds, although we suspect that the Noakesy/Shep cover has pushed up its desirability. Top price likely to be a fiver. But... the flick book on page 78 however seems to have fascinated the pre-video kiddies and is more often than not likely to be cut out, so check when you're buying!